Curriculum Vitae

Thank you for showing interest in my work and my experience as a professional web applications programmer and internationalization specialist.

If you are looking for my Company’s Webpage, please direct your browser to

Thanks to Internet and my wide and profound knowledge of its underlaying technologies, structures, protocols and languages I am able to work as an Offshore Freelance Web applications Developer. Due to my Location and Situation I am able to offer Western Industrial Standards Technology, Experience and Solutions for a low price compared to Colleagues based in Europe or North America.

But let me show you where my experiences and expertises are:

Having a commercial background I found myself fond of the young and thriving Internet in the early 90s. This led me to pursue a career in that field which brought me to Hewlett Packard Germany, ASE-WWW in 1995, marking the advent of my professional career in the developing Information Technology and especially the Internet/Webapplication area. I worked with HP, HP-UX and the upcoming Y2K problem, and was responsible for developing and maintaining several Apache modules during that time as well as extensive Unix System Administration.

Then I found my way into the Web-agency world when I joined 21TORR GmbH AGENCY in the year 2000, where I stayed until my decision to move on and live abroad in May 2006. For 21TORR I worked as a Software Developer, Team leader, Technical Consultant and CoDirector Engineering for numerous Customers, including:

During these fast-pacing and interesting times I got familiar with numerous technologies, but most of them faded with time in importance or have been replaced by new technologies. Today I can offer you expertises and expiriences in the following areas:

My usual services and expertises include, but are not limited to, the following areas:

I thank you again for your interest, and I hope I will be able to assist you with my expertise in the near future. If you have more questions, or if you want to hire me, please feel free to get in contact via email with me here:

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