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Today around 2:30 o’clock the power came back on. I’ve got to say, as a modern middle-european 8 days without power ist something strange… but as strange as to a modern Filipino I’ve been told. Power-outages are pretty normal here in the provinces (even in Manila) but as long as this one, that is still remarkable. Again a hint how strong the passing storm really was. Oh, and my generator will be fixed about this evening.. figures


Everything alright here

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We are alright here, even though dazzled from the storm which had my name here in the philippines, thank you very much. We’re just without power for the last 5 days and the day before yesterday the generator’s power-coil broke because of running too much. I am in an Internetcafe right now to work what needs to be done. Hopefully my generator will be repaired later this evening.


2 years philippines

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2 years… its been 2 years since I had my big departure… 2 years since I wished my family and friends farewell and made the big jump to south-east Asia
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