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Today around 2:30 o’clock the power came back on. I’ve got to say, as a modern middle-european 8 days without power ist something strange… but as strange as to a modern Filipino I’ve been told. Power-outages are pretty normal here in the provinces (even in Manila) but as long as this one, that is still remarkable. Again a hint how strong the passing storm really was. Oh, and my generator will be fixed about this evening.. figures


Everything alright here

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We are alright here, even though dazzled from the storm which had my name here in the philippines, thank you very much. We’re just without power for the last 5 days and the day before yesterday the generator’s power-coil broke because of running too much. I am in an Internetcafe right now to work what needs to be done. Hopefully my generator will be repaired later this evening.


What keeps me busy these days

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Hi Folks,
I know, I am pretty silent these days, because of that I will give a small report about what is keeping me busy this days, not that you get the idea that I am too well.

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What I saw so far

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Not entierly complete, but close

How much of the Philippines have you visited? Find out at Lakbayan!

Created by Eugene Villar.


Finally another guest

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Da hat uns ja der Jens besucht… Wir sind auf Boracay gefahren, und ich glaub ihm hats gefallen.. schaut euch nur sein Grinsen an :) hier ein paar Impressionen.

Jens just visited us.. We went with him to Boracay, and I think he had a good time.. just look at the grin in his face :) here some Impressions.

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wir habens geschaft!
we did it!


Party on christmas eve

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Mein Sohnemann hatte ja am 17. Dezember Geburtstag, und da haben wir uns entschlossen am 24. mit einer kleinen Party zu feiern. Nun beinhaltet eine kleine Party auf den Philippinen ungefähr folgendes: 50+ Gäste (Kinder mitgerechnet), ein Lechon Baboy (Spanferkel), Geburtstagstorte, Geschenke für die kleinen Gäste, 3 fritierte Hünchen, 2 kleine Gelbschwanztuhnfische süss-sauer (jeder etwa 25cm), gebackene Muscheln, etwa 2 Kg Spagetthi mit Tomatensauce (wir haben normale Tomatensauce verwendet, nicht die papp-süsse die man sonnst hier hat… übrig war trotzdem nix), Fruchtpunsch, gebackene Kartoffeln (ich glaub das war für mich gedacht) und noch ein paar andere Gerichte die mir gar nicht mehr einfallen, und unmengen Reis natürlich… Weiter unten gibts ein paar Impressionen :)
My son had his Birthday on December 17th, and we decided to have a small party on the 24th for that. Now, a small party on the Philippines looks a bit like this: 50 or more guests (counting the kids), a Lechon Baboy (grilled piglet), Birthdaycake, gifts for the little guests, 3 fried chicken, 2 small yellow-fin-tuna (each about 12 inches) in sweet and sour sauce, backed mussels, about 4 pound of Spagetti in Tomato-sauce (we used real Tomato-sauce, not the too-sweet kind they usually use, but nothing was left anyway), Fruitpunch, backed potatoes (I guess those were for me), and other dishes I don’t remember now and of course lots of rice, of course… Down there are some impressions :) Read the rest of this entry »

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