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Hi Folks, readers and all the others who are still interested

I know, I didn’t write anything for a long time, but be honest, who wants to read about somebody fighting with german bureaucracy? Because anything else didn’t happen here the last few months..

But what is the status? here are a few facts:

- I will arrive in Germany on 10.10.
- I don’t know yet if I will arrive with my family
- because the visa is not granted yet
- but I have to leave because my visa expires
- the dog will stay here because the EU has a list of countries which are trusted from where animals can be imported, and the Philippines - of course - are not on there. That means that the blood of the dog has to be sent to a laboratory in either Japan, Australia or Korea.. go figure
- I will have my B-Day party in Germany, details follow
- I miss the Philippines already
- I miss my family and friends as well, no question
- I will visit people with no advance note
- If I didn’t visit you until October 17th, please msg me


Request for Information

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A little question to those who know about importing a pet to Germany, our dog to be specific. Our Visa ist not here yet, but it might be here any day. Facts please, or directions where I can get facts :)
Thanks in advance



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Today around 2:30 o’clock the power came back on. I’ve got to say, as a modern middle-european 8 days without power ist something strange… but as strange as to a modern Filipino I’ve been told. Power-outages are pretty normal here in the provinces (even in Manila) but as long as this one, that is still remarkable. Again a hint how strong the passing storm really was. Oh, and my generator will be fixed about this evening.. figures


Everything alright here

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We are alright here, even though dazzled from the storm which had my name here in the philippines, thank you very much. We’re just without power for the last 5 days and the day before yesterday the generator’s power-coil broke because of running too much. I am in an Internetcafe right now to work what needs to be done. Hopefully my generator will be repaired later this evening.


What keeps me busy these days

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Hi Folks,
I know, I am pretty silent these days, because of that I will give a small report about what is keeping me busy this days, not that you get the idea that I am too well.

Keine Deutsche version? schau dir die links rechts oben an

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Test results are back..

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Ihr erinnert euch ja, vor 2 Wochen hat ja Mai am Goetheinstitut ihre Deutschprüfung abgelegt, weil das ist ja jetzt Gesetz wenn man nach Deutschland will.. Und heute hat sie das ergebniss bekommen..

You remember, 2 weeks ago Mai did her German exam at the Goetheinstitute, because thats law now if you want to go to Germany.. And today she got the results back…

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Back from Manila

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Wir erfahren leider erst in 2 Wochen wie es gelaufen ist, Mai ist allerdings nicht sehr zuversichtlich.. wir werden sehen..

Hab mich arg in den Arsch gebissen, den ich hab meine Kamera daheim gelassen, weil ich dachte es gäbe nix zu fotografieren.. bis wir bemerkt hatten das unser Hotel uns in den 28. Stock einquartiert hatte. Der Ausblick, vor allem bei Nacht, war fantastisch, und ich hab mich nur laufend geaergert das das ding daheim rumliegt. Naja, Lektion gelernt…

Ansonnsten ist Manila noch so wie man es kennt; laut, smog und verkehr. Aber ich hab meinen Burger-king bekommen, und Mai hat ihren Frust weg-geshopped, da war das alles halb so schlimm :)
Mir ist dann noch ein N95 8GB (original, nicht aus Divisoria) so aus versehen in die Tasche gerutscht, das allerdings wo wir schon wieder daheim waren. In der Provinz ist das ding naemlich runde 5000Peso billiger. Und ne Karte von Boracay und Manila ist gleich mit drauf ;)
Nach Boracay wollen wir bald wieder, entweder um die Prüfung zu feiern oder um selbe zu betrauern ;)
We will know the results in about 2 weeks. Mai is not really optimistic, but we will see..

I cursed myself for leaving the camera at home because I thought there wont be a lot to shoot.. Until we realized that we have been quartered by the hotel into a 28th floor room with a spectacular view, especially at night, over the city. So I was constantly angry for leaving that thing at home. Well, lesson learned.

Besides that, Manila is still the city as it is famous for; loud, dirty and traffic. But I got my Burger-king and Mai shopped away her worries, so all was good :)
Then a N95 8GB (original, not Divisoria) accidentally dropped into my pocket, but that happened when we were already on our way back home, because that gadget is about 5000 peso cheaper in the province than in Manila. And a map of Manila and Boracay is included.

To Boracay we will go soon again, either to celebrate or mourn the test results ;)

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