whats up

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Hi Folks, readers and all the others who are still interested

I know, I didn’t write anything for a long time, but be honest, who wants to read about somebody fighting with german bureaucracy? Because anything else didn’t happen here the last few months..

But what is the status? here are a few facts:

- I will arrive in Germany on 10.10.
- I don’t know yet if I will arrive with my family
- because the visa is not granted yet
- but I have to leave because my visa expires
- the dog will stay here because the EU has a list of countries which are trusted from where animals can be imported, and the Philippines - of course - are not on there. That means that the blood of the dog has to be sent to a laboratory in either Japan, Australia or Korea.. go figure
- I will have my B-Day party in Germany, details follow
- I miss the Philippines already
- I miss my family and friends as well, no question
- I will visit people with no advance note
- If I didn’t visit you until October 17th, please msg me