What keeps me busy these days

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Hi Folks,
I know, I am pretty silent these days, because of that I will give a small report about what is keeping me busy this days, not that you get the idea that I am too well.

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First of all, I updated my website. Some things are gone for now, the Now-reading list for example. I will check and see if I will add that stuff again. What’s new is that you can now change the language on the upper right corner. I think thats more comfortable for those who were annoyed about my switching back and forth between english and german.

But what’s up these days? Here’s a list, roughly sorted:

1. Work - have enough of that these days, as my clients can attest. which is good
2. Visa business - last week we went to Cebu, Mai had to attend a seminar about the dangers of emigrating and being married to a foreigner, before she gets a certificate with which she can get now her new passport. The idea of that seminar is pretty good, as there are negative examples where a girl moves to an older man, who is, lets say, social, emotional and character-wise challenged. On the other side, the useful informations (how and where to get help) where given on a piece of paper and the church operated institution which gives the seminar rather tried to scare the girls into not to move or marry at all..
3. TV - we got cable.. I only don’t have time to watch or can’t find anything
4. Star Trek - I re-descovered Starship Enterprise. Watched the last season of DS9, the last 3 of Voyager and are now in the middle of Season 2 of Enterprise, all of those I never saw because at that time I was already hooked on Anime and Japan. As well I watch Battlestar Galagtica, which I never touched before because I didn’t want to spoil my childhood heros. The real Adama has been played by Lorne Green after all..
5. Photography - I think I am getting better with the camera I got last year in Singapore. Thanks to the Internet and Literature I have it under control pretty well and can pretty reliably produce images as I want them. I am getting equipment now to extend on this hobby. I think I will start a small section here on my blog to write about, as so many others do, about the garbage I produce ;) 6. Boracay - been to Boracay again a few weeks ago, will post pictures.

So much from me, everybody is healthy and well. Right now its the hottest time of the year, Summer. School is closed for holidays as well. End of April there will be a big Fiesta in town, 4 days of party. I will write about it then.

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  1. Volker Graf said,

    April 28, 2008 at 19:24

    Yeppa …

    Wann kommt ihr denn nach .de .. endlich mal wieder ECHTES Karaoke machen *lach* .. der Isy und der Jo sind VOLL ausgestiegen …

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