something lighter today..

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to have something lighter than yesterday, I decided to pay a visit to Myajima, which is an island near Hiroshima… on this Island there is one of the three red gates standing in the sea, which are famous around the world, and count towards to the most-photographed items in whole Japan..

So I wnet there by train and ferry, and it was a really beautiful sight. The Gate is in front of a huge shrine, which in itself stands on the beach and therefor in the sea during high tide.

Then I decided to go up the islands’ mountain with a cablecar, and had a wonderfullt view there over the sea and the other islands. But to get on top of the mountain, I still had to go around 100 meters (~300 feet?) up.. too bad that the path first got down around 50 meters..

So after walking through a forrest for an hour i got up onto the mountain, where magically an inn with a coke-vending machine apeared..
now it has to be said that the path was really a path.. not a cemented pavement or something.. I still wonder how they fill up that vending machine..

Then I thought to give it all and hike around the mountain to get down on the other side back to the town.. well this hike took about 3 hours but it was really nice.. I just wonder how one would want to get up the stairs and paths to the mountain, I found it difficult to walk them down..

On my way I passed another shrine, an gate, which didn’t exist anymore, and a buddhist temple..

That was a really beuatiful view, because coming down the mountain it looked like hidden in the forrest, detached from the city, and really peacefull.. like if you find a small paradise in the middle of wilderness..

Coming back to town, I noted that it was now low tide, and I could have walked to the gate, but I neglected that in favour of getting my ferry, because otherwise i would have been late for dinner, and I promised to be back at 7 pm..

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