The nicest people in Japan??

Posted in Japan, in English at 22:00 by foppel

I have to say that all Japanese are very friendly.. I only recognized about two or three times that there was a bad sentiment towards foreigners near me.. An old geezer once caughed in the direction of any non asian person he saw..

But I have to say, in Hiroshima people have been the nicest so far.. I was talked to on the open street how I am, where I come from, if I like Hiroshima and so on, and that several times..
And Yesterday a whole class of girls (middle or pre school I think, htey where in uniform, but had yellow caps..) talked to me while sitting on a bench what my name is,
where I come from and if they can take a picture togehter with me, which they did then twice.. their teacher was laughing the whole time.. I had a really good time :)

But I think, the friendlyness gradualy gets better, the less foreigners are around..

In Tokyo, or in Kyoto, they are so used to foreigners, it doesn’t matter anymore..
Here it seems a foreigner, and being german too, is still something special..

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