Last day in Hiroshima, and Japan…

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Well.. it seems to be the time to pack again and to go back to Tokyo, to catch my flight home to Germany..

I will have a relaxing day today in Hiroshima.. buying some Omiyage (presents) to bring back, and to pack later my stuff and head to the night train I already booked 3 weeks ago.. That one will bring me back right to Tokyo during the night, and I will then board around 2pm Friday afternoon my flight back to London and from there to Stuttgart..

Was it a relaxing vacation..? well for me, yes it was. It might not be everybody’s cup of tea to run around in big cities for three weeks for a vacation, but I really love to go under in the Urban jungle.. On the other hand I had lots of time to hike and to see spots I wanted to see…

Sorry for the lack of pics here, I forgot my camera today at home and couldn’t transfer them to my website.. I will replace the maps on Saturday with the pics I decided to have here, so please check back then..

And shortly after, I hope to upload all of my pics to the website and to comment some of them..

You might ask how many pics i shot in Japan.. I counted them this morning, I shot 2200 pictures in the last three weeks.. So for those who get a life presentation, bring some time with you.. it will take a while.. *evil grin*

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