You Yankees impress me

Posted in in English at 9:16 by foppel

I am not easy to impress… People who know me can attest for that. But the USA and their citizens manage that on regular basis..

I found this tidbid on Slashdot: At U.S. Borders, Laptops have no right to Privacy.

That means, that - like in the movies - inside the USA you are innocent until proven guilty. But if you are outside the USA, you are the opposite: guilty until proven inoccent.. at least from an American point of view.

The story goes like this: U.S. customs can seize any electronical device on entry to U.S. soil without a warrant, reason or timeframe when you get your gadget and its data back. You won’t get either any information what has been copied from it…

My dear American friends, I love you still, but I ask from you, how much more of your beloved freedom are you willing to give up for a false sense of security?

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